Love Bucket

Flowers!!!  So, my husband brought daffodils to my classroom the other day.  He had cut them fresh from our front yard and wanted to brighten my day.  Needless to say, it worked.

Many different analogies cover relationships and how we balance ourselves, how we judge our contentment and happiness.  I choose to go with the love bucket.  Perhaps you saw that I referred to it in another post – Slushie to the Face.  Anyway, it is very obvious.  When you are treated with kindness and thoughtfulness, when your needs are placed in front of others – your bucket gets a scoop of lovin’.   If your love bucket runs empty then you have no way of filling anyone else’s.  And that really is the goal, isn’t it?  To fill others with love?

I try very hard to fill the love buckets of those in my life.  On this day, though – my husband really nailed it.  I had commented on how pretty they looked in the front yard and even said the words…whose day could I make brighter tomorrow by bringing them some fresh, bright yellow flowers? I promise this was in no way a passive aggressive hint to my husband that I would like for him to bring them to me.  That’s just not how I work; or how he does.  In fact, until this day I would have told you that I had a much better chance of having flowers in my classroom if I  just cut them for myself rather than wait for him to do it.

Let me explain – that is not a slam against him – it’s just now how he thinks, generally. I mean, if he cuts them, then they will die sooner.  If he cuts them and removes them from the house, then we cannot enjoy them at home…where we spend most of our time together.  I get it. They are planted there – they should stay there.  Now, that’s how he thinks.  That all just adds to the gesture.

Wow.  Nice one, honey.  To be surprised after all these years.  Not just by the flowers, but by the change in perspective.  My bucket runneth over.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to make me feel loved.  These daffodils are way better than any store bought flowers because we grew them together – gross, right?  The grosser the sentiment, the fuller the bucket – that’s just how the love bucket works.  Have you handed out your scoop of lovin’ today?

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Author: Jennifer Bertram

I teach. I travel. I read. I love. I live. I learn. I create.

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