December 27, 2021 3things of gratitude

It has been 6 days since I wrote them down, my 3 things of gratitude. This has been a difficult time, and I know it can be for many. Ahhhh…The holidays (deep breath). When it comes time for the kids to start having their own celebrations and their own families – their own lives…well it takes some getting used to, in general. Then the holidays come and it’s magnified 100x somehow. It’s hard for this mama bird to find her place. Throw in the other challenges of life and I’ve kind of started spinning out of control. The 3 things can usually keep this stuff in check for me, but the last few days I dropped the ball – went deep inside my head and heart to try and find my path again. I think I did it, thanks to my children and the rest of my people. My peeps…all of the different people around me, all in different roles in my life – supporting me and encouraging me. I am centered again.

So here we go. Today I am grateful for the time I spent outdoors at the park with my friend discussing some of life’s challenges. It felt so good to be outside; today I am grateful for the yoga instructor who gently got me through my first hour of yoga since Covid began – stretching, bending, breathing. It felt so good. Namaste; today I am grateful for grit – pure determination and moxy. Damn right. #3things #choosejoy #gratitude

Author: Jennifer Bertram

I teach. I travel. I read. I love. I live. I learn. I create.

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