3 things at the end of a very long, hard week.

March 25, 2022

Today I found some treasures in a box that has not been opened in a long time. Boxes full of memories really can help to remind you who you are and who you’ve always been no matter what kind of crazy enters your life. It was very comforting and for that I am grateful; I asked my juniors to draw and color a scene from their book club book. They all loved it and some turned out some amazing images. We laughed, they relaxed and talk about their books, and we spoke about the mental health benefits of coloring or creating and I am grateful we had this time together; I am grateful for my safe arrival in Augusta to babysit this weekend and extra grateful that my soon to be 21 year old son came to play, too. #choosejoy #gratitude #3things #getyourowndamninsuramce

Author: Jennifer Bertram

I teach. I travel. I read. I love. I live. I learn. I create.

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