Smash book!! Gearing up for my my next adventure in Italy!

I am about two months from leading my fifth student tour abroad.  This time…10 days in Italy!  For each trip I like to make my own smash book to record all of the wonderful moments of our journey. For those of you that don’t know about the smash book – read this.    

baby boy brag book

I posted the baby girl book – I felt I needed sexual equity – here is the baby boy brag book.  Blue, yellow, and green with lots of ribbons and buttons. Thanks for reading my post! Be sure to follow me on fields of poppies

The Smash Book

Every trip I take abroad with students can be relived while flipping through the smash book I created while on tour.  Just keep things as you go and take notes – when you have a free hour, spend some time writing, pasting, and doodling.  The end product is practically finished when you arrive home.  The…