November 24, 2021 Thanksgiving Eve 3 things

I have been reflecting on the last few Thanksgivings since I left my home and my husband. We are still not divorced- long story – but the joy in my heart and the peace in my soul as I drive to my holiday destination today quite literally overwhelmed me. I am so very grateful for the lack of holiday (or daily) anxiety, tension, and angst tonight. I know everything I do or say tomorrow will be met with acceptance and love no matter what and that is a great feeling; I am grateful to see my children connect, support and love one another. Watching my son play with his niece and teach her how to jump through all those giggles and chases…well that memory will be long standing; finally, I am grateful for the folks who know and observe that the left lane is for active passing – otherwise stay in the right lane. Smh – it has been my experience that the Europeans do this so much better than us Americans. I must also add – I am grateful for those who see the lane will end in a mile and move over, as opposed to those who choose to go to the very very end before they almost cause an accident in order to merge. Thank you considerate, responsible drivers. #choosejoy #3things #gratitude