3 things – January 5, 2022

One day, or day one? Man, this hit me today. I am definitely done with “someday”. Moving forward with purpose means now. Today. Always. Sometimes baby steps, and sometimes giant leaps – I am grateful for both; Baby Bird is home and quarantined in her bedroom due to exposure. Even though we can’t hang out, I’m so grateful she is under my roof where I can take care of her and I know she is safe; I am grateful for the surprise FaceTime call from my girls. Caroline giggled when grandma pretended to tickle her over the phone. My students seemed to enjoy the silliness, too. Her joy helped make my day and filled my bucket. #gratitude #choosejoy #3things

This is my giant leap! (Not really need, of course)

January 4, 2022 3 things

Not my classroom.

Is it really only Tuesday? I am grateful for every day and so happy to have a holiday break but getting back your groove in the classroom can be a challenge. Having said that…I am grateful for the hot coffee that gets me going in the morning. The warmth provides comfort and when I take it to school in my thermos it feels like home; I am grateful for the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven. (Mitch Albom) I am reading it aloud to my juniors in these final few days of the semester. It’s about how we are all connected, and we all matter. A wonderful message; I am grateful for falling asleep early on the couch – bring on the zzzzs. #3things #gratitude #choosejoy


January 2, 2022 Daily 3 things…

Today I am grateful for my mother – she loved like no other. Oh how I wish she could have met my children and now, my grandchildren; I am grateful for comedians. I love to laugh and they can always make me feel better; I am grateful for this break we have had and I’m ready for tomorrow. #3things #choosejoy #gratitude

January 1, 2022 3 things

As I rest my head upon my pillow tonight I am grateful for the serenity I found in past few days as I put everything aside and rested; I am grateful for the positive relationships that surround me; I am grateful for the sweet video message from my grandbaby tonight that just melted my heart. #3things #choosejoy #gratitude

December 29 2021 My Three Things

I am grateful for my very slow walk at the Y with my very dear friend; I am grateful to reconnect with friends when life seems to keep you apart for a while; I am grateful for the delicious Italian meal I just had for dinner and the yummy wine, too. A simple day. A joyful and serene day. Yes! #choosejoy #3things #gratitude #movingforwardwithpurpose ❤️

December 28, 2021 3 things

My prayer for all “my you never be judged by your accomplishments or income, but by the kindness in your heart.” Today is the only December 28, 2021 you will ever get – how did it go? Did you find a moment of joy? What if you looked again? Tried again to see it? Today I am grateful for the joy I found at the end of a very long, difficult meeting. I made it through; today I am grateful for the wisdom, faith, and hope of those who came before me and their willingness to share their experience with me. I am stronger; today I am grateful for the clarity that is provided by the universe if you only learn how to listen and trust. I am learning. #38moredays #choosejoy #3things #gratitude

December 27, 2021 3things of gratitude

It has been 6 days since I wrote them down, my 3 things of gratitude. This has been a difficult time, and I know it can be for many. Ahhhh…The holidays (deep breath). When it comes time for the kids to start having their own celebrations and their own families – their own lives…well it takes some getting used to, in general. Then the holidays come and it’s magnified 100x somehow. It’s hard for this mama bird to find her place. Throw in the other challenges of life and I’ve kind of started spinning out of control. The 3 things can usually keep this stuff in check for me, but the last few days I dropped the ball – went deep inside my head and heart to try and find my path again. I think I did it, thanks to my children and the rest of my people. My peeps…all of the different people around me, all in different roles in my life – supporting me and encouraging me. I am centered again.

So here we go. Today I am grateful for the time I spent outdoors at the park with my friend discussing some of life’s challenges. It felt so good to be outside; today I am grateful for the yoga instructor who gently got me through my first hour of yoga since Covid began – stretching, bending, breathing. It felt so good. Namaste; today I am grateful for grit – pure determination and moxy. Damn right. #3things #choosejoy #gratitude

December 21, 2021 and my 3 things of gratitude

Wow – What. A. Day. I can say I felt the spectrum of all of the feels today. From the early morning email informing me of the tragic loss of another student, a senior – to the rage filled trauma trigger…I am at peace only when I focus on the joy of the day. And oh what joy. 1) today I met Charlotte. She is 5 days old and my 2nd granddaughter. It’s just magical – life is such a mystery. 2) I crawled around on the floor with grand number 1 and we giggled until we were both absolutely exhausted. 3) I shared meaningful conversation and a good laugh with all 3 of my grown children today and they are in 3 different cities at the moment, so that’s quite a win. 4) yea – 4) I went to dinner with my daughter and granddaughters. Not only was it yummy, but relaxing and giggly, too. 5) what? Stop the insanity, yes, I said 5) I am grateful that I arrived safely to my holiday destination and look forward to my flock coming together for Christmas. So, the loss, the anger, the hurt, the frustration, the crowds, the traffic, the cold rain…just, no. Focus on the good stuff. #choosejoy #3things #gratitude #grannyB