Early morning 3 things – December 4, 2021

Last night I was distracted from my posting of 3 things but what’s funny is I was racking up the gratitude all day. Not that it was a particularly great day from an outside viewpoint, but I was able to really focus on the good things and not the little annoyances (both people and events) that permeated the day. I am grateful for the massage therapist that brings me relief from my physical pain; I am grateful on any day I get to speak with all 3 of my children and know they are doing well; but on this early morning post I am most most most grateful that I know that my light is very, very bright and that it’s just not for everyone…and that’s okay. I will shine on, my friends, I WILL SHINE ON! I will never allow another soul to ever dim it again. Ever. Seriously- it’s quite bright. Have a wonderful weekend – get some fresh air! #choosejoy #gratitude #3things

December 2, 2021 – 3 things of daily gratitude

I am grateful for the success I have had so far in my publishing venture – still so much to learn; I am grateful for the yummy bbq I had for dinner tonight but especially grateful for my company; I am grateful for the countdown app on my phone – very grateful – 63 more days. #choosejoy #gratitude #3things

December 1, 2021 – Today’s 3 things of Gratitude

I am grateful for the annual leave days that I am able to use however I see fit. I saw fit today; I am grateful for the love and compassion of those who I now surround myself with – I encourage you all to eliminate toxic people from your lives. Time is too precious; I am grateful for teachers of all kinds who have helped me on my journey through life. #choosejoy #3things #gratitude

November 30, 2021- My 3 things of daily gratitude

Today I am grateful for the extra sleep I got when I got home from work – I just woke up from a 7 hour “nap” in order to go to bed; I am grateful for the sweet dreams I was having because they are not always so sweet; I am grateful for the red that is beginning to permeate my apartment as I decorate for Christmas! #choosejoy #gratitude #3things #extrasleep